The Limits of BIM

The Story

Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliance is on the horizon. Are we as landscape architects prepared to deal with it?


The push for BIM compliance has outpaced the software industry’s offerings to the landscape architecture industry. Many firms are employing stop-gap measures using software optimized for buildings and building components, not the realm that landscape architects work in. Why is there not an offering from Autodesk? The answer is two-fold: (1) landscape architecture is a relatively small market and (2) our needs are specific and unique.


Where do we look to for guidance? Check the United Kingdom. In the UK, landscape architects are required, beginning in 2016, to comply with what they call “BIM Level 2” for many public contracts. Compliance at this level can be achieved using software-agnostic solutions. Remember, Revit is not synonymous with BIM compliance.


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