Why are Landscape Architects Being Pushed into Revit?

If you read my previous blog post, 5 Key Takeaways from ASLA 2016, you will remember that the most used word at the Keysoft booth was Revit. Regardless of their role, position, or seniority in their studio, most Landscape Architects have Revit on their mind, but for many different reasons. In LA-only studios, most practitioners… Continue reading Why are Landscape Architects Being Pushed into Revit?

The Case for Precision

The Story Landscape architects are stereotyped as working in the “wild” end of the AEC industry. Plant material, soils, hydrology, and other natural systems appear to be imprecise (if viewed from the wrong perspective), therefore, other design professionals infer that landscape architects can get away with imprecise designs. It’s just dirt and shrubs, afterall. But,… Continue reading The Case for Precision

The Limits of BIM

The Story Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliance is on the horizon. Are we as landscape architects prepared to deal with it? Explanation The push for BIM compliance has outpaced the software industry’s offerings to the landscape architecture industry. Many firms are employing stop-gap measures using software optimized for buildings and building components, not the realm… Continue reading The Limits of BIM